Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati is a non-profit, charitable community organization representing all the Bhutanese people who have resettled in Cincinnati and its peripheral cities in Ohio since 2008. It was established informally on 23rd September 2012 and formally on 4th March 2013 by some of its dedicated volunteer members. It is multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual and an inclusive Community organization which helps to improve the lifestyle of newly resettled Bhutanese Refugees by connecting them to the companies for jobs, providing orientation about housing, health, education and other necessary systems in the state of Ohio during their transition period in new environment, America. Further, it also provides support and services to the needy people such as children, people with disabilities and seniors including youths. It focuses on the integration of Bhutanese people into the American mainstream society while preserving its distinctly rich diverse arts and cultures, traditions, languages and literature. Its main goal is to assist Bhutanese people during their transition period and to see the community with jobs, steady income, self-sufficiency, sound health and a place to call home. It wants the community's over all development and prosperity creating the common plat form for all the Bhutanese residents of Cincinnati and its peripheral areas. Hence, it has been formed to be the main voice of the community, to build up and give shape to the community that aims to preserve its social norms and values and cultural heritages too, while working towards integrating themselves into the American mainstream society. So it needs a lot of support, suggestions and comments.Thus, Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati solicits for support and contribution from all governmental, non-governmental and other local organizations towards building self-sufficient "Bhutanese American Community".